About us

We love what we do – and we’ve been doing it for 25 years! Passion, expertise, experience and our constant desire to optimise existing processes will make timeframe a highly efficient partner for you! We attach great importance to openness and transparency.

Our actions are value-based. We maintain a respectful relationship with both our customers and our employees. Regardless of with whom we are working, we value the diversity of our customers and employees!


timeframe started in 1997 as a software and systems company for CRM and knowledge management. We quickly realised that we could profitably use our expertise from this field in customer care: as a link between customers and brands or companies.

timeframe has continued to develop over the last 25 years. The triad of Customer Care, Human Resources and Software & Solutions has led to steady growth. timeframe now has a presence at seven locations in three countries.

Regardless of whether you want to “make” or “buy” – as a BPO provider, our teams support you with expertise and practical solutions!


years of experience


locations in Germany

international locations


timeframe established


new business field of Customer Care


location opened in Kaiserslautern, DE


new business field of Human Resources


location opened in Essen, DE


locations opened in Hamburg, DE and Meyen, DE


location opened in Matosinhos, PT


locations opened in Brage, PT and Thessaloniki, GR


location opened in Serres, GR