We have an eye on the future! Ecologically sustainable and conscious actions play a central role in all areas of our company. The responsible use of our resources not only secures all of our futures and those of our offspring, but it also creates a positive, respectful working environment.

We are firmly convinced that we can make a meaningful difference through our actions. We only get sustainably produced energy at all of our locations, we only use recycled printer paper and our furniture has been awarded the Blue Angel label, meaning it consists of at least 80% recycled material.

Every day, we work on becoming even more green as we’re facing up to our responsibilities as a modern, future-oriented and internationally active company!

Plant for the Planet

We support the organisation “Plant for the Planet”. The environmental initiative, founded by children and young people in 2007, supports climate justice and is fighting for reforestation across the globe.

Everyone can join in! So timeframe – together with all its employees – raised funds meaning that more than 2,000 trees could be planted.

And that’s not all, we’re continuing to raise funds! There is a “Plant for the Planet” donation tin at every location. Every euro counts because as soon as the first green leaf sprouts from a newly planted tree, oxygen is produced for us! The time for planting trees is now!

Plant for the Planet

timeframe is supporting the initiative that is committed to climate justice and reforestation across the globe!

Thousands of trees

Together with all our employees, timeframe raised funds for more than 2,000 new trees. And we keep going!

Join in

There is a “Plant for the Planet” donation tin at every location. Every donation, no matter how big, counts so that more trees can be planted.