Temporary work

This is not only a solution for when you have reached peak capacity

Whether it is your busy time of the year or there are other reasons: Sudden peak workloads in a business require the hiring of additional employees.

As a BPO provider, it goes without saying that we must meet the needs of our clients precisely. As regards temporary work, in addition to our know-how, we as a human resources service provider also have extensive experience in the automotive industry, communication centres, hotels and tourism. More than 20 years of experience with renowned clients has helped us lay the foundation of our temporary work concept, which sets us apart.

Quality and Service:

Also a must when it comes to temporary work

Covering all industries and regardless of the size of the business: We offer you solutions tailored to your needs.
Allow us to convince you of the advantages of temporary work with TIME FRAME.

  • The services we provide are based on professional consulting directly on site. You will always have the same contact person.
  • Our recruitment staff constantly undergo training by external and in-house trainers.
  • Standardised candidate management has the advantage that all future candidates nationwide will be selected based on the same criteria.
  • As a decentralised organisation, we are represented all across Germany. Take advantage of TIME FRAME’s temporary work services near you.
  • Be sure to make use of our diverse staff pool.