A few words from Management

We have been demonstrating our high standard of performance, our flexibility and our excellent quality for over 20 years in the Customer Service market. The internationalisation of TIME FRAME, which began in 2017, offers our customers a wide range of languages to choose from – currently numbering more than 20 – as well as first-class and cost-effective German-speaking nearshoring alternatives. We apply our high German standards in the respective countries and are very proud that we have managed in just a few months to expand our presence to three locations in another two countries.
Having an excellently motivated and well-trained team allows for the structured and systematic development of our customer projects. We are quite rightly proud of this positive development, which we will continue to expand with the same success.
Our customers and staff alike form the very core of our activities. The tight interlocking of operational areas, the lean management structure and resulting quick decision-making allow us to achieve maximum speed and ensure agile teamwork. We learn from mistakes and use the experience gained from them for the personal development of each individual and of the company as a whole. We encourage and demand, we offer development opportunities and train young people. We do not draw any distinctions between young and old, or based on sex and beliefs; we embrace diversity.

– Falk-Henning Arndt, Customer Care Management

TIME FRAME PLC thus lays the foundation for quality and innovation. At our seven domestic and international locations, customers benefit from the effectiveness of our outsourcing expertise, which is adapted to their needs. While continuously expanding, we are always at the service of our loyal clients.

The objectives of external Call Centre services:

Ever-increasing customer satisfaction and effectiveness

No matter the area of customer care, TIME FRAME PLC places great emphasis on meeting the needs and achieving the goals of our clients. Clients contact TIME FRAME PLC for the purpose of outsourcing telephone services. The advantages they expect: cost reduction, improved accessibility and higher customer satisfaction, the latter being expected to add value to the client’s brand overall. Due to our process base, we are able to meet our clients’ requirements. Moreover, where necessary, we adapt processes to the needs of clients and expand them. The ever-increasing optimisation of our services gives the client a clear gain in terms of efficiency. At the same time, customer satisfaction increases further through the employment of well-trained and highly motivated call-centre personnel.

Key areas


Inbound call centre services represent the classical type of telephone customer services. It covers all services from support and order hotlines, all the way to ticketing services.


Comprehensive telesales – from lead qualification to the conclusion of contracts.


If e-mail, chat, fax and letter are the communication media of choice, which the client’s customers rely on, then these become our media too.