a solution not just for maximum capacity periods

Whether seasonal or for other reasons: Suddenly maximum capacity at your company can mean that you need additional staff. But more permanent staff would not be cost-effective. And this gets worse if you also take other factors into account: Changing order volumes, additional company projects, sick and annual leave – taken together, this can quickly drive a company's staff reserves and planning to the brink. What you need is a solution which offers greater flexibility: temping.

Als BPO-Anbieter gehört es zu unserem Selbstverständnis, die Anforderungen unserer Kunden nicht nur genauestens zu erfüllen. Wir bringen darüber hinaus in punkto Zeitarbeit das Know-how mit, als HumanResources-Dienstleister Branchen zu kennen. Über 20 Jahre branchenübergreifende Erfahrungen mit namhaften Kunden bilden die Basis unseres Konzepts von Zeitarbeit und zeichnen uns aus.

Quality and service: always a key priority, especially for temping

Across industries and no matter what company size: We can offer you a solution tailored precisely to your needs. The benefits of temping at TIME FRAME will convince you.

  • Our service is based on competent advice on site. You will always have the same contact who will act promptly.
  • Our recruitment staff are always undergoing training by external coaches and in in-house seminars. This ensures that applicants are selected who match your requirements.
  • Standardised applicant management offers the benefit that future employees are selected according to the same criteria across Germany.
  • As a decentralised organisation, we have offices all over Germany. Use this opportunity to try out TIME FRAME temping near you.
  • Use our diverse range of employees.

Create flexibility for your success. HR planning is a thing of the past, efficiency is the future.