Back office service - outsourced easily

No matter what company size - back offices processes must be processed quickly and conclusively. Whether you are a local entrepreneur, a small to medium enterprise or a company group. This takes time and money, employees and a technical infrastructure. All of these cost the company resources and prevent it from doing its primary task: such as production and its brand.  The idea to outsource back office services makes sense for every company - at TIME FRAME, we are one of the top service providers, have many years of experience and the necessary expertise in this area and can support you during your outsourcing project. Lower your fixed staff and infrastructure costs - trust in our know-how and discover outsourcing for your company.

Back office vs. core processes

Just to clarify: Competition in companies can be described along two axes: Core processes such as brand and product, vs. not less important secondary processes, which take place in the back office The latter influence customer satisfaction: different channels receive questions relating to the product, to an order, returns, gestures of goodwill etc. By outsourcing these processes, companies can generate significant potential to present themselves to customers in a better light. Professional and competent, as a brand should be.

The potential of back office services

Even though this area is often described as secondary, one thing should be clear: Nowadays, competition occurs on many levels. This also includes customer satisfaction, which can be met and significantly increased by back office services. The same applies to many products. From package dispatch to more advice-intensive products. Imagine this: A customer calls to ask a question and only reaches an answerphone which cannot help him. Quite possible that this customer might move over to the competition.

Which processes should be outsourced?

Outsourcing offers many benefits in terms of efficiency and flexibility.  You should outsource those areas where permanent staff can create longer-term obligations and higher fixed costs. The key question that you should ask yourself whether outsourcing such processes is: does your service provider have the necessary understanding of the processes? At TIME FRAME, many years of experience in different market segments have enabled us implement back office solutions ranging from single to highly complex advisory solutions. 

  • Research regarding the delivery status of packages
  • Liability management and goodwill payments
  • Guaranteed availability by phone 
  • Answering any letters, faxes and emails received
  • Collection
  • Risk assessment of any credit business required during processes
  • Customs clearance
  • Accounting and book-keeping

And as a rule of thumb: The simpler a process to be outsourced, the easier it is to outsource this and for an external service provider to be perform it.

Focus of back office services at TIME FRAME

Complaint management

At three locations, we offer comprehensive complaints management. Be it faulty goods, services or other processes. We have two mutually connected goals in mind: to restore customer satisfaction while at the same time minimizing the imagery of the company and to prevent the customer from migrating.

Liability management and goodwill payments

Extensive telesales - from lead qualification to contract conclusion. TIME FRAME also meets the high demands of this area. Meaningful, transparent and traceable statistics to ensure campaign success round off our offer in this, as in all other, areas of external call centre services.

Liability management

If the customer's dissatisfaction can not be reduced, our complaint management is intervening. Here again, the restoration of customer satisfaction is very prominent. At the same time, there is always the risk of customer migration in the room. With TIMEFRAME, you have a reliable and experienced partner at your side.