Outsource call centre services – with TIME FRAME

Our current customer care services are based on 20 years of experience as call centre service providers. As such, TIME FRAME AG provides the foundation for quality and innovation. Customers already flexibly benefit from our outsourcing competence at three sites in Germany and abroad. We grow continuously, and are always in our loyal clients’ service.

The objectives of external call centre services are: greater customer satisfaction and effectiveness 

No matter which area of customer care: For TIME FRAME AG, fulfilling our customers’ needs and targets is a key priority. Clients often approach TIME FRAME AG to outsource their phone services, and expect these benefits: cost reduction, greater availability and increased customer satisfaction - the latter for added value for the client's brand overall. Our broad, fine-grained process basis enables us to meet these requirements of our customers. At the same time, we adapt processes to our clients’ needs and expand them where necessary. The ongoing optimisation of our processes results in a clear efficiency increase for our clients. Customer satisfaction is raised simultaneously thanks to our excellently trained, highly motivated call centre staff. As such, we meet our service promise - and satisfied customers will remain loyal in the long term. 

Priorities of our call centre services at TIME FRAME

INBOUND service:

These call centre services are the traditional type of phone customer services. They range from support and order hotlines to ticketing services. This is where customer care is performed. Fast, friendly, competent and professional - our phone agents at three sites.


Extensive telesales - from lead qualification to contract conclusion. TIME FRAME also meets the high demands of this area. Meaningful, transparent and traceable statistics to ensure campaign success round off our offer in this, as in all other, areas of external call centre services.


If email, fax and letters are the media of your choice, which are essential to the client's customers in communication, then these are also our media. That's for sure. Prompt response times are expected. TIME FRAME delivers in time for your business.